L. Dot®

Leon C Hinton (born on March 21st, 1984), better known as L. Dot®, is an unsigned American hip hop recording artist currently residing in Killeen, Texas by way of District of Columbia. He is birthed by his mother, Raynell Hinton, and his father, Cornell Lartman.

Starting music at the age of 8 years old, L. Dot® went by the previous name Young Phenom. He was known for battle rap and freestyle. In June 2002, he then joined the United States Army in the Field Artillery element and was assigned to Ft. Hood, Texas (Killeen, Texas area). During that time, he was with a group called Full Deck Records. At that time, L. Dot® was married and begin to put his music on hold for his family. At the time with music on pause, he still would write songs but not record them. During his two tours in Iraq and time in the military, he would do battles and freestyles here and there to keep his “skills” sharpened. During that period, he went thru a divorce on April 2011.

With music still on hold, L. Dot® had many obstacles. From 2006-2014, he has been in near death situations, faced probation time, and had to bury his 2nd daughter. With nowhere to turn at that point, he felt that life was lost. His friends and family that knew him well, knew of his capabilities in music, especially with his craft being influential. So, they encouraged L. Dot® to get back into what he loves and to not hold back.

With L. Dot® being a retiree of the military, and father of 4 children; including 1 adopted and one deceased, he has taken his past experiences and put his pain into music. His first mixtape "Back To The Basics" was an 11 track mixtape released on January 1st, 2017. Some songs included on it was Get Out Of My Way, Goodbye (A Tribute to “Lenni”), and F*** Love. On January 27th, 2017, he released an eight-track EP album titled “Society’s Product", which featured his fans' favorites “Day Ones” and “Pipe Down”.

He is for certain that music is a passion of his and it tells a story of who he is, where he has been and where he is planning on going. Outside of creating music and writing his reflections, he also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, bowling, and riding his motorcycle. Some of his musical idols are Cassidy, Joyner Lucas, Nas, Papoose, Notorious B.I.G (R.I.P), and Big L.



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Be A Real Life Influence For Everyone (#BARLIFE) Inc. is more than just a label and company. It is a movement for the betterment of music, people, and life within itself. Established in the year 2017, #BARLIFE Inc. was presented by artist L. Dot®. It consists of other artists by the name of Menace and Honey B, apparel, publishing, and artist development.


The company was designed to give others the hope that they too can go from nothing to something, just from the slightest influence. The clothing line of #BARLIFE Inc. has several different collections; #BARLIFE Inc., #BARLIFE B.A.D.D.I.E.Z (Beautiful And Divine Divas In EssenceZ), P.O.M.E(Product Of My Environment), and #BARLIFE Kidz. The clothing line is meant for the people, so there will be more collections as the brand expands.







Back To The Basics 

(January 1, 2017, Datpiff ONLY)


Society's Product

(January 27, 2017)


Verse-L-Til-A-Te: The Definition

(August 25th, 2017)





Get Away ft Tanya T

(September 21, 2017)



(November 30, 2017)


Last Supper

(April 6, 2018)



#BARLIFE Singles


Savage (L. Dot & Menace)

(January 19, 2018)


K.I.L.L.E.E.N (L. Dot & Menace)

(March 17, 2018)





Broke Problems (Kilo ft. L. Dot)

(April, 19, 2017)


For Evermore (John Blaze ft. L. Dot)

(August 6, 2017)


Raid Me (Mac ft L. Dot x D. Wall)

(May 18, 2018)


Trapeze (Mac ft L. Dot)

(July 18, 2018)



  • Mar 11 Sat

    08:00 PM

    Chymistry Lounge in Houston, Texas

  • Mar 15 Wed

    09:00 PM

    Cielo Club in Austin

  • Mar 17 Fri

    01:00 PM

    Oscar's Backyard

    6215 969 FM East Martin Luther King BLVD   Free to the public!!!!

  • Jun 10 Sat

    09:00 PM

    Chymistry Live in Houston Texas

    1002 Almeda Genoa Houston, Texas 77047

  • Jun 25 Sun

    12:00 PM

    Victoria Community Center

    2095 E. North Street Victoria, Texas   For more information call (210)367-0727

  • Jun 30 Fri

    09:00 PM

    210 South Town

    310 Riverside Drive San Antonio, Texas

  • Jul 09 Sun

    12:00 PM

    Coyote Ugli in Laredo, Tx

    4610 San Bernardo Laredo, Texas   For more information please call (210)367-0727

  • Jul 29 Sat

    06:00 PM

    G's Cabaret in Houston, Tx

    9009 Airport Blvd Houston, Texas 77061

  • Aug 06 Sun

    12:00 PM

    Tha Westside Spot in San Antonio, Tx

    1401 SW 19th Street San Antonio, Texas 78207  

  • Aug 19 Sat

    07:00 PM

    WBOKRADIO/Encore Live

    EXCLUSIVE 2 Hour Radio Interview

  • Aug 24 Thu

    08:15 PM

    A Different Mind Show w/ Bam Morris

    Temple Hills, MD   WINDCRadio

  • Aug 25 Fri

    06:00 PM

    DMV Cypher

    1150 Berry Road in Waldorf, Maryland 20602

  • Aug 26 Sat

    11:00 AM

    The Pandora Wordbox Show w/ Shae Price

    Temple Hills, MD   WINDCRadio

  • Aug 28 Mon

    09:00 PM

    Loud Fest 2017

    1327 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC 20036

  • Sep 03 Sun

    10:00 AM

    22Kill To 22None

    VFW Post 3892 201 VFW Drive Harker Heights, Texs

  • Sep 23 Sat

    05:00 PM

    Harvey Go Home Benefits Concert

    Plush 6402 North Wayside Houston, Texas $10.00 at the door (Bring Donations)

  • Sep 29 Fri

    09:00 PM

    Shorty Rockk Birthday Bash: Hosted by Mz FineAsWine

    121 Banquet & Reception Hall 16140 Kuykendal Road Houston, Texas Tickets $7.00 (VIP available. Call Vontray S. (832) 235-6909 or Serenity (832) 808-1440

  • Dec 15 Fri

    09:00 PM

    South Side Live Clikk 1st Annual Concert: Queen Mz. Fineaswine Birthday Bash

    BFE Rock Club 11528 Jones Road Houston, Texas 77070

  • Jan 11 Thu

    09:00 PM

    BFE Rock Club

    11528 Jones Road Houston, Texas

  • Jan 26 Fri

    09:00 PM

    Miami Live

    912 71st Street Miami Beach, FL 33141   *Dress To Impress*

  • Feb 24 Sat

    09:00 PM

    Ice House Sports Bar

    4311 Farm To Market Road 511 Brownsville, TX 78526

  • Mar 02 Fri

    09:00 PM

    Club Devonte's

    204 West 2nd Street Taylor, TX 76574 $5 entry

  • Mar 10 Sat

    09:00 PM

    Chill Spot

    6020 Eastland Street Houston, Texas 77028

  • Mar 12 Mon

    03:00 PM

    The Scratchouse

    617 East 7th Street Austin, Texas 78701 Free

  • Mar 22 Thu

    03:00 PM

    The Living Room

    1002 East Elms Road #114 Killeen, Texas 76542

  • Apr 04 Wed

    08:00 PM

    The Texas Mist Live Music Venue

    1115 Old Bastrop HWY Austin, Texas 78745

  • Apr 29 Sun

    05:00 PM

    OJ Thomas Park

    701 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue Cameron, Texas 76520

  • May 31 Thu

    09:00 PM

    Emiliano's Sports Bar

    7710 Easat Freeway Houston, Texas 77020

  • Jun 01 Fri

    09:00 PM

    Club Devonte's

    204 West Second Street Taylor, Texas 76574   *BYOB*

  • Jun 09 Sat

    09:00 PM

    Tha Chill Spot

    6020 Easatland Houston, Texas   *BYOB*

  • Jun 22 Fri

    08:30 PM

    The Butterfly Lounge

    1607 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd Killeen, Texas 76541

  • Jun 28 Thu

    07:30 PM

    The Living Room

    1002 E Elms Rd, Ste 114 Killeen, Texas 76542

  • Jun 30 Sat

    09:00 PM

    J Durham Lounge

    14641 Gladerbrook Drive Houston, Texas 77068

  • Jul 06 Fri

    09:00 PM

    Club Devonte's

    204 W 2nd Street Taylor, TX 76574

  • Jul 20 Fri

    10:00 PM

    Club Dallas

    1009 West Avenue F Temple, Texas 76502

  • Jul 27 Fri

    09:00 PM

    Ultra E2 Lounge

    16940 Ella Blvd Houston, Texas

  • Aug 04 Sat

    12:00 PM

    Platinum Zone

    201 W. Oak Street Palestine, TX 75801 Artist Meet and Greet: Noon-4pm Concert Starts @ 10pm

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